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nTeN v1.1.3 has been released!

nTeN v1.1.3 release changelog @2012/12/03
  • Added:
    • Control Panel > Sections > Users > Upgrades ( option to move users to other upgrade while removing ).
    • The new statistics ( Control Panel > Dashboard ) which shows you number of guests and users who are currently online.
    • Option to disable Control Panel catpcha in "/config.php". Those who use nTeN version < v1.1.3 must update their "/config.php" files to add code "define('ZX_CAPTCHA_CONTROLPANEL', true);" to use option. Without "/config.php" file update, the captcha will be enabled.
  • Fixed:
    • Control Panel dynamic tables search/filter bugs.
    • Control Panel Visual bug in pie charts.
    • Control Panel HTML corrections/fixes.
  • Changed:
    • Control Panel interface changed to be more user friendly.
    • Control Panel > Sections > Users > Upgrades page ( refreshed and moved to Control Panel > Sections > Users > Upgrades tab ).
    • Control Panel > Sections > Advertisements ( refreshed ).
    • Control Panel > Sections > Forum ( refreshed ).
    • Control Panel > Sections > Payments ( refreshed ).
    • jQuery upgraded to v1.8.2.
    • jQuery UI upgraded to v1.8.23.
    • DataTables plugin upgraded to v1.9.4.
    • Highcharts plugin upgraded to v2.3.2.
  • Notes:
    • After upgrade please:
      • Remove cache files form "/zx-temp/cache/" directory!
      • Clear cache in your browser!