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nTeN v1.1.5 has been released!

nTeN v1.1.5 release changelog @2013/03/11
  • Added:
    • (Paid) AdGrid feature ( to get more info check Control Panel > Sections > AdGrid ).
    • Control Panel Payments section, deposits settings ( "Mark as "Fail" after X days:" ).
    • Control Panel Security section, Cookie Loger ( option to suspend multiple user accounts, table refresh after action ).
  • Fixed:
    • Bug in user account suspension option ( suspended user can still use account ).
    • Bug in Control Panel Payments section, cashouts ( script update "Total Paid" at wrong way ).
    • Bug in Control Panel Settings section, registration settings ( script do not show upgrade name in setting )
  • Changed:
    • Control Panel admin accounts permissions ( added new section "AdGrid" ) please update admin accounts to enable/disable section.
    • Control Panel Payments section ( table refresh after deposit/cashout action ).
    • Control Panel Settings section ( problem while creating new promotional material ).
    • "" External Payment Gateway ( now use LR API v2.1 in transfer operations ).
  • Notes:
    • After upgrade please:
      • Remove cache files form "/zx-temp/cache/" directory!
      • Clear cache in your browser!