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nTeN v1.1.7 has been released!

nTeN v1.1.7 release changelog @2013/05/01
  • Added:
    • Statistics ( referrals clicks ) in user area "Account Summary" page.
  • Fixed:
    • "Payment Proof" table count wrong total cashout logs ( before it include non-completed payments ).
    • Statistics dates problem ( when using DST time zone ).
    • Untranslated massages in advertiser panel.
    • Problem while adding reply to support case in Control Panel.
    • Bug in AdGrid ( as not logged user javascript break on user click ).
    • Bug in User Profile Settings ( problem while re-selecting "Renting hours" ).
    • Bug in rented referrals clicks credit, script credit ad even when the click rate was "0.0000".
  • Changed:
    • Control Panel Dashboard was changed because of high resources use.
    • AVG update for referrals ( now AVG is updated on user click and by Cron script each day at 00:10 server time ).
    • Message "Queued for removal" in rented referrals list was replaced by tooltip message which is more clear for users.
  • Removed:
    • Control Panel "Top earners" statistics.
  • Notes:
    • Please read the included readme.txt file for more information.