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nTeN v1.1.8 has been released!

nTeN v1.1.8 release changelog @2013/12/29
  • Added:
    • Timer in rent page if rent hours are enabled.
    • PTC advertisements view page was moved to new address from "/?x=advertisements" to "/?x=ptcview" because of Adblock plugins blocking problem.
    • Categorize PTC advertisements by type. Now you can categorize ads by type or category ( switch option is available in Control Panel > Sections > Advertisements > Paid To Click > Settings ).
    • PTC advertisement types have new options in Control Panel. Now you can enter colors ( background/border/text ) to change look in "view page".
    • PTC advertisement counter now use cache function to decrease database queries ( option can be enabled in Control Panel > Sections > Advertisements > Paid To Click > Settings ).
    • Session length in "Login using Facebook/Twitter" option ( check option in Control Panel > Sections > Settings > More > Facebook/Twitter ).
    • AdBlock detection with the notification in template.
    • Users online statistics in theme head ( option "Enable online statistics" must be enabled in Control Panel > Sections > Settings > Statistics ).
  • Fixed:
    • Balance transfer from Gambling Balance.
    • Twitter functions updated to v1.1 API.
    • Login fail counter for user area menu.
    • Speed/resources usage improvements.
    • Many other small problems/fixes.
  • Changed:
    • Default theme.
    • Highcharts upgraded to v3.0.4.
    • Smarty upgraded to v3.1.16.
  • Removed:
    • Liberty Reserve Payment Gateway.
    • jQuery UI styles.
  • Notes:
    • Current version is not compatible with previous themes! Please re-code your themes before you use this version!
    • Please read the included readme.txt file for more information.