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nTeN v1.1.9 has been released!

nTeN v1.1.9 release changelog @2014/01/30
  • Added
    • External Payment Gateway for "". Gateway can handle incoming and outgoing payments.
    • Fallback function in "" Payment Gateway IPN validation.
    • (Paid) Tasks ( ) feature ( to get more info check Control Panel > Sections > Tasks ).
    • Captcha protection for Paid To Click advertisements ( check option in Control Panel > Sections > Advertisements > Paid To Click > Settings > Captcha protection option ).
    • Clear Cache option in Control Panel ( "refresh" icon in page footer beside execution time ).
    • Total earned statistic ( check option in Control Panel > Sections > Settings > Statistics > Total earned ).
  • Fixed
    • BBCode stylesheet bug.
    • Referral field bug related to AdBlock code.
    • Dialog window bug.
    • Bug related to hosting.
    • Bug in installation script related to hosting.
    • Visual bug in cashout page.
    • Potential XSS attacks.
    • Bug in password verification if it use special characters.
    • Control Panel few problems with URL address validation solved.
    • Speed/resources usage improvements.
    • Many other small problems/fixes.
  • Changed
    • New installation script. Now it's more user friendly.
    • New language file structure ( old structure is still supported ). More information at . More changes in future due to Control Panel.
    • Reduced number of database queries in the IpToCountry.
    • Control Panel admin accounts permissions ( added new section "Tasks" ) please update admin accounts to enable/disable section.
    • Perfect Money Payment Gateway domain change from .com to .is.
    • Control Panel Advertisements section ( table refresh after PTC/banner list actions ).
    • Few changes in Control Panel sortable tables.
  • Notes
    • Please read the included readme.txt file for more information.