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nTeN v1.2.6 has been released!

nTeN v1.2.6 release changelog @2015/09/04
  • Added
    • PTSU offers ( Control Panel / Sections / Advertisements / Paid To Signup ).
    • New config.php variables to rename script main directories.
  • Fixed
    • Problem with "temporary" deposit entries.
    • Problem with "IpToCountry" database import/update.
    • Few problems in installation script.
    • High AVG bug in "AVG Limiter".
    • Problem with Support case ordering.
    • Mail function (improved Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail compatibility).
  • Changed
    • dataTables upgraded to v1.10.7.
  • Removed
    • "" Payment Gateway.
  • Notes
    • Please read the included readme.txt file for more information.