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nTeN v1.0.7 has been released!

nTeN v1.0.7 release changelog @2012/02/23
  • Added:
    • Custom Jackpots (see section Control Panel > Gambling > Jackpots). New theme files for this section ( account.gambling.tpl, account.gambling[jackpot].tpl, account.gambling[jackpot][view].tpl, account.gambling.js, account.gambling.css, loader-cgjp.gif ).
    • New user balance "Gambling Balance" ( settings are in Control Panel > Sections > Payments > Settings ).
    • New permission to section "Gambling" for Control Panel admin accounts.
    • SEO tags. Tags are placed in language file, now you can set title/description/keywords tags for each page in different languages! ( see entry "core.SEO.TAGS", json syntax ).
  • - Fixed:
    • Bug in core ( render function ).
    • Bug in installation script ( problem appeared on PHP 5.2.17 ).
    • Bug in support ( problem appears on case create ).
    • Bug in support ( problem appears on case create ).
    • Bug in referrals stats (incorrect value).
    • Bug in rented referrals (recycle option).
    • Bug after login, redirect to "return page".
    • Problem with file include (theme functions file).
  • Changed:
    • Language file "en.xml" updated. Language file "en.xml" updated. New entries are available in separate file "/zx-includes/langs/en[1.0.7].xml". If you want update your language translations, copy the entries from file "/zx-includes/langs/en[1.0.7].xml" and paste them to your translation files.
    • "Payment Proof" page, added "Total paid" amount.
    • jQuery frameowrk updated to v1.7.1.
  • Notes:
    • After upgrade please:
      • Remove cache files form "/zx-temp/cache/" directory!
      • Clear cache in your browser!

nTeN v1.0.1 has been released!

A new version of nTeN script is now available for download.

nTeN v1.0.1 brings:

 - Control Panel, Settings > Themes > section to handle new themes.

 - Control Panel, Settings > Section changed due themes section.