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The basic overview the script variables. All pages have specific variables which you can use. To view a complete list of variables available on a given page, use Smarty {debug} tag. The following is a list of variables available for use in all the template and handler files.

The $config variable overview:

The {$config} variable contains script configuration variables. For the full list of configuration variables go to database table `nten_cp_config`.

$config['site_title'] // site default META title
$config['site_description'] // site default META description
$config['site_keywords'] // site default META keywords
$config['site_name'] // site name
$config['site_domain'] // site domain
$config['site_support'] // site email address
$config['site_stats_since'] // date of site start
$config['site_stats_totalpaid'] // total paid statistics
$config['site_stats_totalearned'] // total earned statistics
$config['site_stats_totalusers'] // total users statistics
$config['site_stats_totalViews'] // total view/clicks statistics
$config['site_facebook'] // facebook URL address
$config['site_twitter'] // twitter URL address
$config['core-cron'] // date of last Cron job run
$config['core-currency'] // current currency ISO-4217 code
The $ZX variable overview:

The {$ZX} variable contains few important script variables, check it bellow.

$ZX['AUTH'] // (bool) login status
$ZX['F'] // (string) name of current template file ( without .tpl extension )
$ZX['LANGS'] // (array) list of the site languages
$ZX['THEMES'] // (array) list of the site themes
$ZX['PRIV'] // (array) list of the user privileges
$ZX['PRIV'][0] // (int (1)) the admin privilege: 1 have - 0 don't have
The $xUS variable overview:

The {$xUS} variable contains user row from database table `nten_users` of current logged in user. This is only part of table row data.

$xUS // (array) user data of current logged in user
$xUS['id'] // user unique id
$xUS['x_username'] // user username
$xUS['x_register'] // unix timestamp of user sign up
$xUS['x_ip'] // user IP address
$xUS['x_ip_last'] // user IP address from last session
$xUS['x_personal'] // user personal email address
$xUS['b_main'] // main balance value
$xUS['b_rent'] // rent balance value
$xUS['b_upgrade'] // upgrade balance value
$xUS['b_advertiser'] // advertiser balance value
$xUS['b_gambling'] // gambling balance value
The $prices variable overview:

The {$prices} variable contains user price list of current logged in user.

$prices // (array) list of the current user prices
$prices['rent'] // rent referral price
$prices['pay'] // renew referral price
$prices['autopay'] // autopay referral fee
$prices['rec'] // recycle referral fee
$prices['expire'] // expiring referral fee